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(Testimony of Abram Chayes Resumed)

Mr. Coleman.
Mr. Chayes, just two other documents I would like you to identify for the record. One is your letter of May 8, 1964, which has been marked Commission Exhibit No. 948, which answers certain questions directed to you by Mr. Rankin, and it is the document that you referred to several times in your testimony.
Mr. Chayes.
Yes; this is my letter, Commission Exhibit No. 948. It contains the answers to the questions which were in attachment B to Mr. Rankin's letter, and concern essentially matters within the United States and within the State Department here.
Mr. Coleman.
Your answers to attachment A were in Commission Exhibit No. 960. We have already identified that in the record.
Mr. Chayes.
Yes; that is correct. There was a delay between the two letters because attachment A involved questions about activities in Russia, and some questions about the Soviet Union, and although we prepared the answers in the first instance in the United States in the Department, we wanted to send the replies to the Soviet Union for review by our Embassy there. And that accounted for the time discrepancy in the answer to the two attachments.
Mr. Coleman.
Then in the attachment A we also asked you a question in reference to a memorandum from Mr. McVickar and you under date of April 24, 1964, sent us Mr. McVickar's memorandum which has been marked as Commission Exhibit No. 958. But I would like to mark as Commission Exhibit No. 953 your covering letter.
(Commission Exhibit No. 953 was marked for identification and received in evidence.)
Mr. Chayes.
Yes; this is my letter. It is dated April 24, 1964, and it is marked Commission Exhibit No. 953, and it clears up a factual question that was left at large in Mr. McVickar's memorandum.
Mr. Coleman.
Mr. Chairman, at this time I would like to offer for admission into evidence Commission Exhibits Nos. 948, 950, and 949. I would also like to note that the attachment to Commission Exhibit No. 952 was marked as Commission Exhibit No. 958 and has already been admitted into evidence.
Mr. Dulles.
They shall be admitted.
(Commission Exhibits Nos. 948, 950, and 949 were marked for identification and received in evidence.)
Mr. Dulles.
May I ask this question? Have all of these been previously identified in the testimony.
Mr. Coleman.
Yes, sir; they have been identified and marked.
(Discussion off the record.)
Mr. Coleman.
Back on the record. That is all the examination I have of Mr. Chayes. I do want to express my appreciation and thanks for the detail in which he gave us information and the method in which he answered all the questions.
Representative Ford.
I have no further questions.
Mr. Dulles.
I have no further questions. Thank you very much. You have been very full, very frank, very helpful.
Mr. Chayes.
I am glad to do what I can.

Bernice Waterman

Testimony of Bernice Waterman

Mr. Dulles.
Would you kindly rise and raise your right hand.
Do you swear the testimony you will give before this Commission is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help you God?
Miss WATERMAN. I do.
Mr. Dulles.
Would you please advise Miss Waterman of the general purpose of the testimony we will ask of her.
Mr. Coleman.
Miss Waterman was with the Department of State until 1962, at which time she retired. Miss Waterman was the adjudicator in the Oswald case, and she is being called to testify with respect to certain memorandums and actions she took in connection with Lee Harvey Oswald. These actions dealt
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