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(Testimony of Winston G. , Accompanied By Fred B. Smith, Lawson)

Mr. Mccloy.
not only regarding the assassination of the President but also some background as to the steps that have been taken to protect him and as well as perhaps to take some testimony with the thought that we might be able to recommend measures that might insure future security of our Presidents. I will ask you, if you will, to rise and I will swear you.
Do you solemnly swear the testimony you will give in this hearing will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?
Mr. Lawson.
I do.
Mr. Mccloy.
Go ahead.
Mr. Stern.
Mr. Lawson, would you state your name, age, and address for the record, please?
Mr. Lawson.
Winston George Lawson, 35 years old, 516 Vista Drive, apartment 204, Falls Church, Va.
Mr. Stern.
What was your education at the college level?
Mr. Lawson.
A bachelor of arts with a major in history and government.
Mr. Stern.
From what?
Mr. Lawson.
University of Buffalo, 1949.
Mr. Stern.
Briefly, what was your employment experience from 1949 to 1959.
Mr. Lawson.
From the time of my graduation after a couple of months working for a firm that my father worked for, I became a wholesale carpet salesman until December 1951, and then I joined the Carnation Co., manufacturers of milk products nationally, and was a representative in various capacities for them in New York State. In 1953, March, I went in the Army and I had been a reservist and was called up as a CIC agent. I had 16 weeks of basic infantry, basic training, went to the CIC Counterintelligence School in Holabird, Md.--Fort Holabird, Md.--outside of Baltimore, and then was assigned eventually to the Lexington field office where I did general counterintelligence work for the Army, background investigations, and some interviews of the prisoners, POW's from the Korean war.
After I returned to civilian life in 1955, I returned to the Carnation Milk Go. and had various sales or public relations jobs with them in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., Syracuse, N.Y., generally covering most of the State of New York. I applied to enter the Secret Service approximately 3 years before I was accepted, and entered the Secret Service in October 1959 in the Syracuse field office.
Mr. Stern.
Will you tell us of your experience in the Secret Service, describing briefly each assignment of work?
Mr. Mccloy.
When you say CIC agent you mean----
Mr. Lawson.
Counterintelligence agent; yes, sir, in the Army. I was hired as an agent in the Syracuse field office, and did general investigative work in the Syracuse area, part of New York State, with time out for a special assignment during the Eisenhower administration for approximately 21 days when I had to come to Washington to replace some agents who were advancing some large trips in South America. I was away from the Syracuse office in Treasury School for 6 weeks and I was away from the Syracuse office for 5 weeks while I attended Secret Service School.
I was here in Secret Service School during the inauguration of President Kennedy. The school was let out for that day so that they could take advantage of the agents that were here in town for post assignments. After returning to Syracuse for approximately 3 weeks I was transferred to Washington on the White House detail in March 1961.
Mr. Stern.
And you have been a member of the White House detail.
Mr. Lawson.
Of the White House detail.
Mr. Stern.
Since then?
Mr. Lawson.
Mr. Stern.
What has your experience been, Mr. Lawson, in doing advance work for Presidential or Vice Presidential trips?
Mr. Lawson.
I have assisted on some advances and I have had the overall responsibility on some others. Some of my overall responsibilities were Billings, Mont.; Little Rock; Buffalo and Niagara Falls, N.Y.; Cherry Point, N.C.
Mr. Stern.
Approximately how many trips did you have the major responsibility for, and how many did you assist on in doing advance work?
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