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(Testimony of Robert Inman Bouck)

I will begin by asking you to state your name, age and address.

Mr. Bouck.
My name is Robert Inman Bouck. I am 49 years of age. I live at 411 Norwood Drive, Falls Church, Va.
Mr. Stern.
What is your education, Mr. Bouck, at the college level?
Mr. Bouck.
I have a B.S. degree in police administration.
Mr. Stern.
From what college?
Mr. Bouck.
From Michigan State College.
Mr. Stern.
And that was awarded when?
Mr. Bouck.
Mr. Stern.
What is your experience in the Secret Service--when did you join the Service?
Mr. Bouck.
I came to the Service in 1939 upon leaving college. From 1939 to 1945 I worked on protective assignments for the President and the presidential family and other people in the Washington area.
From 1945 until 1951 I worked in Chief's office on supervising and reorganizing various activities in the Chief's office.
In 1951 I was loaned to the Treasury Department as coordinator, I organized schools and directed them in the enforcement area until 1957, and in 1957 was assigned to the present job I now have of Special Agent-in-Charge, Protective Research.
Mr. Stern.
Mr. Bouck, I show you this document of six pages which has been marked Commission Exhibit No. 760.
Can you identify that for me?
Mr. Bouck.
Yes. This is a memorandum of December 3 that I prepared, also a second memorandum of December 3 that I prepared.
Mr. Stern.
And these were prepared in response to instructions to you?
Mr. Bouck.
In response to instructions from my headquarter's office, yes.
Mr. Stern.
With the help of these memoranda I would like to touch briefly upon the functions of the Protective Research Section that you head--for the moment those functions other than with respect to persons of concern as a possible danger to the President.
If you will turn to the last page of this exhibit, there are a list of other duties of PRS, and would you explain briefly those and give some idea of the magnitude of the task involved?
Mr. Bouck.
The manufacture and control of White House passes are the admittance passes to the White House issued to the press, employees and others who have occasion to come to the White House or the Executive Office Building that houses White House staff. This is some four to five thousand, fluctuating in volume.
The procurement and evaluation of character investigations and clearances for some categories of employees, these are the employees that passes are issued to and these are the clearances that we require.
Some of them we investigate ourselves, many of them are investigated by other agencies, and we review and evaluate the results, the number being roughly the same as the number of passholders in this category.
The procurement of national agency file checks and determination of admittance restrictions on a large number of tradesmen, contract employees and so forth who service the White House--these are non-White House employees. These are people who come to fix typewriters, clean rugs and that sort of thing.
Mr. Stern.
Approximately how many people are involved in that category, Mr. Bouck.
Mr. Bouck.
This, we have a file of about 20,000 of these people, about 4,000 are active at any one time, and several hundred a month turn over in this.
Item No. 4, control of security processing of mail and gifts received at the White House, this is done by postal and White House employees under X-rays and security equipment provided by us under our guidance and we take over whenever any dangerous situation is indicated. This varies at Christmas time, when there are many hundreds of items reviewed; normally a few a day.
No. 5, handling and disposition-of suspicious packages or objects that may contain bombs or infernal devices; we have a bomb transporting truck, we have bomb analyzing equipment, we have a location and a place where we can
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