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(Testimony of Jesse Edward Curry)

Mr. Curry.
Dispatcher said, "10-4, we have the information."
The citizen using the radio remained off the radio.
Dispatcher to 15, he was the sergeant, said, "Did you receive the information of police officer shot?"
And he said, "10-4, but didn't that citizen say first he was on Jefferson and 10th and then Chesapeake?" And he said, "Yes."
And he said, "Do they relate?"
And he said, "Yes, at Denver, 19 will be there shortly," that is a sergeant or a lieutenant.
Ninety-one came on and said, "Have a signal 19 involving a police officer at 400 block East 10th. The suspect last seen running west on Jefferson, no description at this time."
The dispatcher came in and said, "The suspect just passed 401 East Jefferson."
Dispatcher then says, "Give us the correct location on it, 85, we have three different locations."
Eighty-five says, "I haven't seen anything on Jefferson yet, 10-4, check, 491 East 10th at Denver."
Dispatcher repeated, "The subject has just passed 401 East Jefferson."
At 1:22 we have a broadcast here that says, "We have a description on the suspect here on Jefferson, last seen on the 300 block on East Jefferson, a white male, 30, about 5 feet 8, black hair, slender, wearing a white jacket, white shirt and dark slacks, armed with what he states unknown. Repeat the description."
Dispatcher said that to the squad. He says, "Wearing a white Jacket believed to be a white shirt and dark slacks. What is his direction of travel on Jefferson?"
He said, "Travel west on Jefferson, last seen in the 401 West Jefferson, correction, it will be East Jefferson."
The dispatcher then said, "Pick up for investigation of aggravated assault on a police officer, a white male approximately 30, 5 feet 8, slender build, has black hair, white jacket, white shirt, dark trousers. Suspect has been seen running west on Jefferson from the 400 block of East Jefferson at 1:24."
Then they asked about the condition of the officer, and there was something about--the dispatcher did receive some information that there was a man pulled in there on West Davis driving a white Pontiac, a 1961 or 1962 station wagon with a prefix PE, saying he had a rifle laying in the street.
We have a citizen following in a car address unknown direction.
The dispatcher said, "Any unit near Gaston 3600 block, this is about a blood bank."
Then 279 comes in and says, "We believe the suspect on shooting this officer out here got his white Jacket, believed he dumped it in this parking lot behind the service station at 400 block West Jefferson across from Dudley House. He had a white jacket we believe this is it."
"You do not have a suspect, is that correct?"
"No, just the jacket lying on the ground."
There is some more conversation about blood going to Parkland. "What was the description beside the white jacket?"
"White male, 30, 5-8, black hair, slender build, white shirt, white jacket, black trousers, going west on Jefferson from the 300 block."
Squad says, "This is Sergeant Jerry Hill." Says, "I am at 12th and Beckley now, have a man in the car with me that can identify the suspect if anybody gets One."
Mr. Rankin.
Chief Curry, we were furnished a Commission Document No. 290, dated December 5, 1963, that purported. to be a radio log for your department, and it did not have any item in it in regard to instruction to Officer Tippit to go to the Central Oak Cliff area.
Do you know why that would be true?
Mr. Curry.
I don't know why it wasn't in that log except that these logs, after they are recorded, they are pretty difficult to try to take everything off
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