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(Testimony of Jesse Edward Curry)

Mr. Curry.
Yes, sir; I was---there was a pilot car ahead of us with Deputy Chief Lumpkin that was perhaps two or three blocks ahead of us and had been preceding us all the way from Love Field to see that the route was open and reporting back by radio to us, and this was for the purpose, if we had any wrecks or congestion to where it looked like the motorcade could be stopped that we could change our routes and get around them and also to let us know how the crowd was.
He had been preceding us all this way. There has been some question as to why this motorcade would not proceed on down Main Street.
Mr. Rankin.
Will you explain that to the Commission?
Mr. Curry.
Yes, sir; I can. I will make another diagram here, if you wish me to.
Mr. Rankin.
Mr. McCloy asked about whether the chronological report that Chief Curry was examining during part of his testimony was available to the Commission. We have now searched the Commission files and we find that a copy of that exact report has been available to the Commission and we have it here. It is a Commission document----
Mr. Redlich.
It is in Commission Document 81.1.
Representative Ford.
Will this report be made a part of the record?
Mr. Rankin.
We haven't decided that question but we will examine it and report to the Commission later if it is not made a part of the record, why we recommend that it not be. It may very well be amongst the documents that would be made part of the record in regular course when we examine all of the material for that purpose. Is that a satisfactory handling of it?
Representative Ford.
I think it is. I haven't had an opportunity to examine it. But if it is a part of the record, I suspect it ought to be made a part at this point since it has been referred to by the testimony of the chief. But it is something that could be discussed later, and if it should be, it could be put into the record at this point.
Mr. Rankin.
I would like to ask leave of the Chairman then to examine it with greater care after the testimony of the chief is taken and be able to make it a part of the record at this point unless I report back to the Commission that for some reason it would not be desirable.
Mr. Dulles.
That would be we would proceed in regard to this chronological report we would proceed in the same way as we have suggested we would with regard to the other depositions that were taken in Dallas.
Mr. Rankin.
Except my offer before, Mr. Chairman, was that the portion of the deposition that would relate to the matters described, that is the sealing of the building, would, in fact, be incorporated into this record at that point. And that the balance of it would be offered at some later date as a part of the record of the Commission.
Here I wanted to reserve the question as to whether it should be a part of the record because of my desire first to examine it in detail and see if there is any reason why it should not and then report back to the Commission.
Mr. Dulles.
You will report back to the Commission. It will not be excluded unless you so report to the Commission.
Mr. Rankin.
That is right.
Mr. Dulles.
And the reason therefor?
Mr. Curry.
This sketch.
Mr. Rankin.
Will you mark that sketch you have just made Exhibit 702 please, and 703?
(Commission Exhibits Nos. 702 and 703 were marked for identification.)
Mr. Curry.
In the diagram, 702, Exhibit 702, the motorcade was going west on Main Street, there is a triple underpass there. There are three streets and they converge into one wide street down through a triple underpass, what we call a triple underpass.
Mr. Rankin.
Where you are talking about the underpass is that underpass on Main Street?
Mr. Curry.
It is Just west of Houston Street and runs parallel with Houston Street. And Main Street--now Houston Street runs in a north-south direction, Main Street, Elm Street, and Commerce Street the three principal streets that
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