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(Testimony of Gov. John Bowden , Jr. Connally)

Mr. Dulles.
he was back or tipped forward. But I don't think there is going to be much difference.
Mr. Dulles.
Were you seated in about that way, Governor?
Governor CONNALLY. Mr. Dulles, I would say I was in about this position when I was hit, with my face approximately looking toward you, 20° off of center.
Dr. SHAW. Yes; I got 27°. That didn't make much difference.
Mr. Specter.
Is that reading taken then while the Governor is in a seated position, Doctor?
Dr. SHAW. Yes, seated; yes.
Representative Boggs.
May I ask a question? How would his hand have been under those circumstances, Doctor, for the bullet to hit his wrist?
Dr. GREGORY. I think it fits very well, really, remembering at the other end the trajectory is right here, and there would be no problem to pose his hands in that Fashion, and if you will note, you can see it best from over here really, because you did see that the point of entry, and you can visualize his thigh, there is no problem to visualize the trajectory.
Mr. Dulles.
Would you be naturally holding your hand in that position?
Dr. GREGORY. It could be any place.
Governor CONNALLY. It could be anywhere on that line, Mr. Dulles. Mr. Chief Justice, you see this is the leg.
Dr. SHAW. Of course, the wound is much smaller than this.
Mr. Specter.
Let the record show the Governor has displayed the left thigh showing the scar caused by the entry of the missile in the left thigh.
Dr. Gregory, will you describe the locale of that?
Dr. GREGORY. Yes. This scar, excisional scar, is a better term, if I may just interject that----
Mr. Specter.
Please do.
Dr. GREGORY. The excisional scar to the Governor's thigh is located at a point approximately 10 or 12 centimeters above the adductor tubercule of the femur, placing it at the Juncture of the middle and distal third of his thigh.
Mr. Specter.
In lay language, Doctor, about how far is that up from the knee area?
Dr. GREGORY. Five inches, 6 inches.
Mr. Specter.
Governor Connally, can you recreate the position that you were sitting in in the automobile, as best you can recollect, at the time you think you were struck?
Governor CONNALLY. I think, having turned to look over my right shoulder, then revolving to look over my left shoulder, I threw my right wrist over on my left leg.
Mr. Specter.
And in the position you are seated now, with your right wrist on your left leg, with your little finger being an inch or two from your knee?
Governor CONNALLY. From the knee.
Mr. Specter.
And, Dr. Gregory, would that be in approximate alinement which has been characterized on Commission Exhibit----
Dr. GREGORY. I think it fits reasonably well; yes, sir.
Mr. Specter.
In a moment here I can get that exhibit.
Mr. Dulles.
May I ask a question in the meantime?
Governor CONNALLY. Yes, sir.
Mr. Dulles.
You turned to the right, as I recall your testimony, because you heard the sound coming from the right?
Governor CONNALLY. Yes, sir.
Mr. Dulles.
How did you happen to turn then to the left, do you remember why that was?
Governor CONNALLY. Yes, sir; I know exactly. I turned to the right both to see, because it was an instinctive movement, because that is where the sound came from, but even more important, I immediately thought it was a rifleshot, I immediately thought of an assassination attempt, and I turned to see if I could see the President, to see if he was all right. Failing to see him over my right shoulder, I turned to look over my left shoulder.
Mr. Dulles.
I see.
Governor CONNALLY. Into the back seat, and I never completed that turn. I
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