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(Testimony of Gov. John Bowden , Jr. Connally)

Mr. Specter.
Governor, you have described hearing a first shot and a third shot. Did you hear a second shot?
Governor CONNALLY. No; I did not.
Mr. Specter.
What is your best estimate as to the timespan between the first shot which you heard and the shot which you heretofore characterized as the third shot?
Governor CONNALLY. It was a very brief span of time; oh, I would have to say a matter of seconds. I don't know, 10, 12 seconds. It was extremely rapid, so much so that again I thought that whoever was firing must be firing with an automatic rifle because of the rapidity of the shots; a very short period of time.
Mr. Specter.
What was your impression then as to the source of the shot?
Governor CONNALLY. From back over my right shoulder which, again, was where immediately when I heard the first shot I identified the sound as coming back over my right-shoulder.
Mr. Specter.
At an elevation?
Governor CONNALLY. At an elevation. I would have guessed at an elevation.
Mr. Specter.
Excuse me.
Governor CONNALLY. Well, that is all.
Mr. Specter.
Did you have an impression as to the source of the third shot?
Governor CONNALLY. The same. I would say the same.
Mr. Specter.
How fast was the President's automobile proceeding at that time?
Governor CONNALLY. I would guess between 20 and 22 miles an hour, and it is a guess because I didn't look at the speedometer, but I would say in that range.
Mr. Specter.
Did President Kennedy make any statement during the time of the shooting or immediately prior thereto?
Governor CONNALLY. He never uttered a sound at all that I heard.
Mr. Specter.
Did Mrs. Kennedy state anything at that time?
Governor CONNALLY. Yes; I have to--I would say it was after the third shot when she said, "They have killed my husband."
Mr. Specter.
Did she say anything more?
Governor CONNALLY. Yes; she said, I heard her say one time, "I have got his brains in my hand."
Mr. Specter.
Did that constitute everything that she said at that time?
Governor CONNALLY. That is all I heard her say.
Mr. Specter.
Did Mrs. Connally say anything further at this time?
Governor CONNALLY. All she said to me was, after I was hit when she pulled me over in her lap, she said, "Be quiet, you are going to be all right. Be still, you are going to be all right." She just kept repeating that.
Mr. Specter.
Was anything further stated by Special Agent Roy Kellerman other than that which you have already testified about?
Governor CONNALLY. No; those are the only two remarks that I heard him make.
Mr. Specter.
Was any statement made by Special Agent William Greer at or about the time of the shooting?
Governor CONNALLY. No; I did not hear Bill say anything.
Mr. Specter.
Did you observe any reaction by President Kennedy after the shooting?
Governor CONNALLY. No; I did not see him.
Mr. Specter.
Did you observe any reaction by Mrs. Kennedy after the shooting?
Governor CONNALLY. I did not see her. This almost sounds incredible, I am sure, since we were in the car with them. But again I will repeat very briefly when what I believe to be the shot first occurred, I turned to my right, which was away from both of them, of course, and looked out and could see neither, and then as I was turning to look into the back seat where I would have seen both of them, I was hit, so I never completed the turn at all, and I never saw either one of them after the firing started, and, of course, as I have testified, then Mrs. Connally pulled me over into her lap and I was facing forward with my head slightly turned up to where I could see the driver and Roy Kellerman on his right, but I could not see into the back seat, so I didn't see either one of them.
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