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(Testimony of Cortlandt Cunningham Resumed)

load up to that certain place and they crimp into that groove, which is known as a crimping groove.

Mr. Eisenberg.
When you say crimping groove, do you mean the cartridge is tightened around the case?
Mr. Cunningham.
The neck of the case is tightened around--is crimped into the bullet. The distance between the base to the first cannelure, and the width of the cannelure, the portion of the bullet between the two cannelures, and the width of the next cannelure, is individual with Remington-Peters bullets.
In other words, Western-Winchester bullets are not made with the same width cannelures and the same distances between the two of them. Each manufacturer prefers to have a certain distance between cannelures and a certain width of cannelure, and it is strictly individual to each company. By these specifications--and also another very important thing is the base shape--you can determine whether or not a bullet is of one manufacture or another.
If you will take these two, one of the tests in Commission Exhibit No. 606, you will see that the number, the width and everything about the copper-coated Western and the uncoated Winchester are the same. In other words, they put a flash coat of the gilding metal on the bullet and as I testified previously its chief value is for sales appeal, and, a secondary value to prevent leading.
(Discussion off the record.)
Mr. Dulles.
Back on the record again. Continue please.
Mr. Eisenberg.
Mr. Cunningham, as of November 22, 1963, how many major manufacturers were there in the United States who were manufacturing .38 Special bullets?
Mr. Cunningham.
Mr. Eisenberg.
Who were they?
Mr. Cunningham.
First, is the Western Cartridge Division of Olin Mathieson Chemical Corp., East Alton, Ill., which manufactures ammunition under the trade names "Western" as well as "Winchester."
The next major manufacturer is Du Pont, and they manufacture in their Remington Cartridge Division ammunition under the trade names "Remington" and "Peters," and the third manufacturer is Federal Cartridge Co. in Minneapolis.
Mr. Eisenberg.
How many manufacturers of .38 Special ammunition are there outside the United States, approximately?
Mr. Cunningham.
I would have no way of knowing all of them. I know it is manufactured in Canada by Dominion, and Norma also manufactures it.
Mr. Dulles.
What was that name?
Mr. Cunningham.
Mr. Dulles.
Mr. Cunningham.
Yes, sir.
Representative Ford.
In Canada too?
Mr. Cunningham.
No, sir; it is in Sweden.
DWM in Germany must manufacture it, I am just recalling these larger manufacturers that should manufacture it. Also, some English manufacturers.
Mr. Eisenberg.
How are you certain that one of the bullets found in Officer Tippit was not manufactured by one of the foreign manufacturers, either one you are acquainted with or one you are not?
Mr. Cunningham.
We maintain a Test Specimen and a Standard Ammunition File, and we have foreign ammunition in them, although I don't think we have all of the foreign. But we have never come across a foreign-made bullet with the same physical characteristics as the bullets represented by those removed from the body of Office Tippit.
Mr. Eisenberg.
Do you attempt to get a complete file of .38 Special ammunition?
Mr. Cunningham.
We definitely maintain an up-to-date file in our Standard Ammunition File in the laboratory of all domestic manufactured ammunition as well as some foreign, for instance, Norma and Dominion, and we have specimens from other foreign manufacturers.
Mr. Eisenberg.
And you say that of the specimens you do have which you feel are as complete as possible you have never come across two types which are similar at least to these .38 Specials?
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