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(Testimony of Mark Resumed In Open Session Lane)

I explained to him that that was thoroughly agreeable to the Commission.
The Commission does not operate in a secret way. Any witness who desires to have his--give his testimony in public may do so.
We have done it in the quiet of our rooms for the convenience of witnesses, and in order to accelerate the program. But any witness who desires to have his testimony recorded at a public hearing may do so.
The purpose of this Commission is, of course, eventually to make known to the President, and to the American public everything that has transpired before this Commission. All of it will be made available at the appropriate time. The records of the work of the Commission will be preserved for the public. So, Mr. Lane, we will be happy to accommodate you, and to proceed with our hearing.
Now, Mr. Rankin will conduct the examination.
(Having been previously duly sworn.)

Mr. Rankin.
Mr. Lane, will you proceed to tell the Commission whatever you have that would bear upon this investigation? Start item by item, and give us whatever you have in support.
Mr. Lane.
Yes, sir.
At the outset, I would like to call to the Commission's attention a matter which is somewhat peripheral, perhaps, and should the Commission determine it does not wish to hear my testimony in that regard, I will understand that. But I would like to call it to your attention, because although it is peripheral I think it is related to both the assassination and the investigation into the assassination of the President.
That is in relationship to a picture which has been widely publicized, probably in every single community of our country, allegedly showing Lee Harvey Oswald holding in his hand a rifle which has been described in at least one publication, Life magazine, as the weapon with which he assassinated President Kennedy.
I would like to indicate to the Commission at this time that the pictures which have been distributed throughout the country included doctored and forged photographs. I would like to present evidence to the Commission at this time in that regard.
I ask the Commission if it does conclude that the photographs have been doctored, whether it will consider determining whether or not a crime has been committed, or an effort has been made to submit evidence to the Commission members, though not directly through the press, from magazines, which evidence--
The Chairman.
I didn't get that last sentence--something about the Commission?
Mr. Lane.
I am asking the Commission if it does conclude that the pictures have been doctored, to consider investigating the method by which the doctoring took place, who was responsible, and whether or not an effort has been made to influence the members of the Commission, while not directly. through the publication of this picture, which certainly has been circulated very widely throughout our country.
The Chairman.
You may be sure, Mr. Lane, that anything you present in that regard will be thoroughly considered by the Commission.
Mr. Lane.
Thank you, sir.
I would like to offer the February 21, 1964 issue of Life magazine.
Mr. Rankin.
Will you mark that, Mr. Reporter, please, the next number.
Mr. Lane.
A picture appears on the entire cover of Life magazine, and an identical picture appears in the interior pages, at page 80. The caption on the cover reads, "Lee Oswald with the weapons he used to kill President Kennedy and Officer Tippit."
I think it is quite plain from looking at both of the pictures that there appears on the rifle, what appears to be a rifle in the left hand of Lee Harvey Oswald, a telescopic sight.
Mr. Rankin.
Mr. Lane, we will mark that Exhibit No. 334.
(The document referred to was marked Commission Exhibit No. 334, for identification.)
Mr. Lane.
Next I would like to offer a picture which is a glossy 8 1/2-by-11
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