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(Testimony of Eva L. Grant)

Mrs. Grant.
She said, "Turn on your television to channel 8," and I did. She said, "Do you know that the President has been shot?
I thought it was a---wait a minute, well, I did remark about the fact that someone is passing it around to make it look bad like you do hear some things.
Mr. Griffin.
How long did you continue to watch television?
Mrs. Grant.
Well, I had watched it earlier that morning. Wait--I knew he was going to be in town, and I watched him on television on channel 5. I think he was eating breakfast in that Texas Hotel, I believe.
Mr. Griffin.
How long did you continue to watch television before you talked with anybody else after Pauline called you?
Mrs. Grant.
Well, wait a minute, I had it on, it seems, most all of the time. I think that I went into shock or something, but I had it on, I think. Even if I didn't have it loud, I had it on. A lot of times I have the picture on and the voice real low.
Mr. Griffin.
Now, think back to this particular day after Pauline called you. Did you go about your housework, or did you watch television?
Mrs. Grant.
Well, if I remember, I had just been out of the hospital 9 days, and I wasn't doing anything outside of trying to prepare myself some food if my friends downstairs didn't bring me something up. Most days she saw that I had a hot biscuit every day. It was something else, whether it was dinner or breakfast, or if she thought I wanted something.
Mr. Griffin.
Try to think about what you did.
Mrs. Grant.
Now, let me ask you something. Do you want me to go back until the time I got up?
Mr. Griffin.
I simply want you to tell me everything after you hung up the telephone with Pauline. Did you sit in front of your television set until you next heard from somebody else, or did you do your housework, or what did you do?
Mrs. Grant.
This is what it seems to me. We talked about 5 or 6 minutes, and I kept on talking, and I may be confused about this minute, because I just couldn't accept it, and it threw me off guard, and she said, "I will call you back."
But we talked, and it seems to me he (meaning TV) kept talking about different things, and I may be wrong, but it seems to me a Federal man or security man---truthfully, I had not heard anything about the Governor. I don't remember now.
Mr. Griffin.
By "he," you mean the person on television?
Mrs. Grant.
On channel 8. At the time, he wore glasses, it seems, and had black hair.
Mr. Griffin.
After Pauline Hall called you, who did you next speak to?
Mrs. Grant.
It seems to me she was on three or four times. Wait a minute, Jack had called me, but it seemed he called me after 1 o'clock.
Mr. Griffin.
Did you talk after Pauline called?
Mrs. Grant.
I talked again to her about three times. Either I called her or she called me. I wanted to see if she had news from another station.
Mr. Griffin.
Did all these telephone calls occur before Jack called you?
Mrs. Grant.
Mr. Griffin.
Now, did anybody else telephone you before your brother Jack called you?
Mrs. Grant.
Now, she may have called me this girl's name is Emma Collins, who worked for us as a waitress. I think she came in on weekends. I remember she wasn't working for a couple of weeks, because I was in the hospital. It seems she may have called me during that afternoon. Whether she called me before Jack, or after, I wouldn't put my life on that. But almost 1 o'clock I was listening the best I could to channel 8, and I heard this man say distinctly, "The President is dead." I know I don't want to even think of that. I don't know what happened. I kept listening, and I don't even know what he said. I don't remember. Security, or the Governor, or I don't remember anything more. I kept listening, and it seems to me another 3 minutes even time didn't mean anything, because, I don't know, I just don't know. He said, "It is not official." So I kept hoping. I threw myself into a fit, and I have never done the crucifixion, and I don't know which way is proper or correct, but I thought if it would help him, I would feel, well it would just help him. And he kept talking,
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