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(Testimony of Jesse E. Curry)

Mr. Hubert.
Chief CURRY. Yes; I do think he had some threatening calls, but had there been something that we thought we could probably take some action on, we would have done it.
Mr. Hubert.
Now I understand that the police department got a long distance call, or what was thought to be a long distance call, on November 24, threatening Mayor Cabell, and that in fact you transmitted that information to him when you talked to him on the morning before the shooting of Oswald. Do you recall that?
Chief CURRY. I recall that there were several calls that came to our attention, but I don't remember each one of them.
Mr. Hubert.
What I was interested in, Mayor Cabell indicated that they thought that it was a long distance call, and I think they got that impression from you. Probably you got it from the operator, whoever got the call. You didn't get the call yourself? You say if it were a long distance call, it might have been possible to trace it down?
Chief CURRY. Yes.
Mr. Hubert.
But you didn't get the call yourself?
Chief CURRY. No, sir; not that I recall.
Mr. Hubert.
I wonder if you could--who would have gotten it, do you know?
Chief CURRY. I don't know. Anyone that is in the administrative office or any other part of the police department could have gotten it.
Mr. Hubert.
Do you remember who you got the information from?
Chief CURRY. No, sir; I don't.
Mr. Hubert.
Was any consideration, Chief, given to putting all the press people out of the building or out of the basement altogether?
Chief CURRY. No, sir.
Mr. Hubert.
Was any consideration given to moving Oswald by a route other than the basement route?
Chief CURRY. I think you asked me that once, and I don't recall it. There may have been some discussion, but he could have been moved in another way by getting off on another floor. As I recall it, there was some brief discussion about it, but I think, as I recall it, Fritz didn't want to move him other than in a routine manner.
Mr. Hubert.
Do you know why?
Chief CURRY. Because, as I recall it, he felt like this was the best way to do it, because if he got off on another floor, he wouldn't be protected. He wouldn't have much protection. You can't take very many men with you on a small jail elevator. I believe it was Fritz I was discussing this with; I couldn't be positive on that. As I recall it, there was some mention made of perhaps taking him out on the first floor and trying to get him outside that way, but it was decided that the best way would be to handle him through the basement.
Mr. Hubert.
What was the reason for the suggestion that he be taken through another floor?
Chief CURRY. I don't recall other than someone perhaps thought we could slip him out and it might be better to slip him out rather than to move him according to normal procedures.
Mr. Hubert.
Well, did the fact that there were so many members of the press present in the basement bear upon that question, or do you recall whether that was the reasoning that Fritz suggested?
Chief CURRY. I don't recall; no. I don't believe it was Fritz that suggested he be taken out through the first floor. I think he was opposed to it. Anyway, it was not discussed in great detail.
Mr. Hubert.
I understand there was some discussion of not going through the basement area, but using another way, and what I wanted to know was what was the reason given for that, whoever gave it?
Chief CURRY. Because of the press, I am sure.
Mr. Hubert.
And the danger that would exist from a one-man attack?
Chief CURRY. Perhaps that was in the mind of whoever suggested this. But their main thought was to avoid these reporters.
Mr. Hubert.
Chief, I don't think we have discussed anything off the record that has not been covered on the record, and it is necessary for me to close this deposition by asking you if there has been anything off the record that was
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