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(Testimony of Curtis Laverne Crafard Resumed)

Mr. Griffin.
What did Jack say to you?
Mr. Crafard.
Jack had told me previously not to give his number to anyone unless I knew who it was.
Mr. Griffin.
That is his home number?
Mr. Crafard.
Yes, or some other number he left where he could be reached at. He said not to worry about anybody that didn't leave a phone number, they didn't want to get in touch with him very bad.
Mr. Griffin.
Did he indicate that he knew who this man was who was calling?
Mr. Crafard.
I took it for granted he knew who the man was. He never said definitely that he did know who the man was. I think when I told him about it he just said forget it.
Mr. Griffin.
You never met this man, did you?
Mr. Crafard.
No; if I had met the man I would have known his voice.
Mr. Griffin.
How many home telephone numbers did Jack have?
Mr. Crafard.
He only had one home number that I knew of.
Mr. Griffin.
Did Jack have an assistant manager by the name of Alexander?
Mr. Crafard.
That would have been Andrew.
Mr. Griffin.
I think we can finish a good part of this today if we could take a break. I want to hand you a copy of your interview with the FBI and ask you to take time to read that over. It is rather lengthy. It covers eight pages. Make some notes. Let me put this on the record. Let me ask you to take your time and read this, and we will take a recess for as long a period as you feel necessary. Make notes as you go along of any changes that you think ought to be made, either because you didn't tell that to the FBI or because you now upon reflection think that it is inaccurate, or because after reading this and reflecting on your other testimony you would adopt this rather that what you have said before. Let's figure this will take at least 15 minutes and maybe longer.

Testimony of Curtis Laverne Crafard Resumed

The testimony of Curtis LaVerne Crafard was taken at 9:50 a.m., on April 10, 1964, at 200 Maryland Avenue NE., Washington, D.C., by Messrs. Burr W. Griffin and Leon D. Hubert, Jr., assistant counsel of the President's Commission. Dr. Alfred Goldberg, historian, and Max Phillips, Secret Service, were present.
Mr. Griffin.
Let me state first for the record that this is a continuation of the deposition that was begun on Wednesday morning, April 8, with Mr. Crafard, and that the oath and all the formalities that we went through on that date are still in effect. Yesterday afternoon as Mr. Crafard and I were returning from lunch, he indicated to me that he had received some telephone calls at the Carousel Club in the week before President Kennedy was killed, from a man who would call two or three, perhaps more times a day but would not leave his name but simply ask for Jack Ruby, and in connection with that conversation Mr. Crafard asked me if we had any recordings of Lee Oswald's voice. Mr. Crafard indicated that he would like to listen to the recordings with the possibility that he might recognize the voice of somebody he had talked to or overheard when he was in Ruby's employ. We have located a tape recording of an interview which was conducted with Mr. Oswald in New' Orleans shortly after he was arrested for disturbing the peace in connection with the Fair Play for Cuba activities. The tape recording was made by radio station WDSU, New Orleans on August 21, 1963. The recording involves Lee Harvey Oswald, Carlos Bringuier, Ed Butler, and Bill Stuckey. The recording is provided to us by the United States Secret Service. It bears Secret Service No. 236.
I would also like to explain for Mr. Crafard's benefit as well as the rest of us that it will be very clear as you listen to this tape recording which person on the recording is Lee Oswald. In some cases his name may be used. In other cases the question and answer repartee is such that it will be difficult not to realize who Oswald is if you know anything about Oswald's background.
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