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(Affidavit of J. Rachal)

seen Oswald on a television broadcast showing him distributing Fair Play for Cuba handbills. There was reference in the broadcast to his having lived in Russia, marrying a Russian girl, and returning to this country. I discussed the matter with my supervisor, Miss Hope Kristofferson. As a result, it was determined that we should not undertake to furnish employment references for him. This was the last contact I had with Mr. Oswald.
11. Louisiana Department of Labor Exhibit numbers 10 and 11** are also records of the Division of Employment Security of the Department of Labor of Louisiana in New Orleans. The forms themselves are identical with Exhibit number 1, and the recorded information is substantially identical with the information set forth in Exhibit number 1. Exhibits numbers 10 ,and 11 were prepared in another section of my Division and reflect the fact that on May 28, 1963, Oswald was referred to Commerce Pictures Company of New Orleans for possible employment as a developer, and the initials "NR" appearing in green crayon on the reverse side of Exhibit number 10 reflect the fact that Oswald did not report to the Commerce Picture Company. Serial number 259 appearing under the heading "Remarks" on the same line on which the green crayoned letters "NR" appear means that the unemployed person failed to respond and that his unemployment compensation would be delayed one week to make further determination of the applicant's status.
12. Inasmuch as Oswald was an interstate claimant and the libel was against the State of Texas, his weekly appearances for the purposes of keeping his interstate claim alive were furnished to the Texas Employment Commission in Austin, Texas, and they in turn would issue an unemployment check which would be mailed directly to Oswald. Oswald's weekly appearances at our office were recorded on Form l-B-2.
Signed this 22d day of June 1964.
(S) John Russell Rachal,


Bobb Hunley

Affidavit of Bobb Hunley

The following affidavit was executed by Bobb Hunley on June 16, 1964.


Parish of Orleans, ss:.

I, Bobb Hunley, employed by the Louisiana Labor Department, Division of Employment Security, Employment Service, and Unemployment Compensation, 630 Camp Street, New Orleans 12, La., being first duly sworn, depose and say:
1. That I recall handling Lee Harvey Oswald's Interstate Claims at the Division of Employment Security office.
2. Generally there is a line of claimants with their IB-2 forms which they have previously filled out. I sign them and fill in blanks four through eight.
3. I recall nothing unusual about Lee Harvey Oswald. He usually wore a T-shirt and light windbreaker.
4. We do not check to see if the claimant has contacted the places listed in item 14 of the IB-2 form. Thus, I have no knowledge of whether Oswald contacted the employers he listed.
5. The signatures appearing on the attached Interstate Claims, labelled as Louisiana Department of Labor Exhibit Nos. 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9, and the Interstate Request for Recommendation of Monetary Determination, Louisiana Department of Labor Exhibit Nos. 3 and 6 are my signatures..
Signed this 16th day of June 1964.
( S ) Bobb W. Hunley,
**Louisiana Department of Labor Exhibits Nos. 10 and 11 were subsequently relabeled Rachal Exhibits Nos. 2 and 3, respectively.
*Louisiana Department of Labor Exhibits Nos. 4-9 were subsequently relabeled Hunley Exhibits Nos. 1-7, respectively.

Robert J. Creel

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