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(Testimony of Dean Andrews, Jr. Adams)

Mr. Liebeler.
Well, your friends down the street have been trying to find him and haven't come up with him yet.
Mr. Andrews.
Mr. Liebeler.
Mr. Andrews.
Sometimes the stools on that are not too good. They need Latin stools for that boy.
Mr. Liebeler.
Off the record.
(Discussion off the record.)
Mr. Liebeler.
Did you just indicate that you would like to find Mr. Bertrand and he did run off? Did you see him run off?
Mr. Andrews.
Yes; I chased him, but I couldn't go.
Mr. Liebeler.
This was when you saw him 6 weeks ago?
Mr. Andrews.
Yes; this barroom is right adjacent to--the street--as you go in, there are two entrances, one on the block side and one on the corner. I had no more idea of finding him than jumping off the bridge. I went in there hoping, and the hope came through. I was so surprised to see him there. I kept working my way there to go to the front when he recognized me and he sprinted out the door on the side of the street. and was gone. I had to go past him to go to the phone. I should have conked him with the beer bottle.
Mr. Liebeler.
He took off as soon as he saw you?
Mr. Andrews.
No; but I was moving to go to the phone. He thought I was moving towards him.
Mr. Liebeler.
[handing picture to witness]. I show you Pizzo Exhibit No. 453-A, and ask you if you can recognize anybody in that picture.
Mr. Andrews.
The one that has a brief case under his arm, full face towards the looker, appears to be Lee Oswald. This boy back here [indicating] appears to be familiar, but I would have to blow his face up to be sure. He is in between. See, this one here [indicating]? I have never seen this picture before.
Mr. Liebeler.
Between Oswald, who has the cross mark over his head, and the man who has the arrow over his head?
Mr. Andrews.
He is a local boy here, a face I recall. It would take me a while to place it, but the face appears to be familiar.
Mr. Liebeler.
You haven't seen this picture before, is that correct?
Mr. Andrews.
I don't believe.
Mr. Liebeler.
The Secret Service and the FBI have shown you various pictures, but you don't recall this one?
Mr. Andrews.
I don't recall seeing that one. There was one of a series where one of an attorney in town was there where we all knew him. They may have shown me this, but I don't remember. We used to have a club back in 1946 called Lock (?) Fraternity, and he resembles a boy that was a member.
Mr. Liebeler.
I don't think I have any more questions, Mr. Andrews. want to thank you very much for coming in and I appreciate the cooperation you have given us.
Mr. Andrews.
I only wish I could do better.


Evaristo Rodriguez

Testimony of Evaristo Rodriguez

The testimony of Evaristo Rodriguez, was taken on July 21, 1964, at the Old Civil Courts Building, Royal and Conti Streets, New Orleans, La., by Mr. Wesley J. Liebeler, assistant counsel of the President's Commission. Special Agent Richard E. Logan, interpreter, Federal Bureau of Investigation, was present.

Evaristo Rodriguez, having been first duly sworn, was examined and testified, through the interpreter, Mr. Logan, as follows:

Mr. Liebeler.
I am an attorney on the staff of the President's Commission investigating the assassination of President Kennedy. I have been authorized to take your testimony by the Commission pursuant to authority granted to it by
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