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(Affidavit of )

A. We saw no document, but he said he was the secretary of the New Orleans branch of the Fair Play for Cuba Organization. and that he was on his way to Cuba to see Castro if he could. We saw him at the next table to ourselves in the Customs Shed at Laredo, but did not notice his passport or tourist card.
Signed the 28th day of May 1964.
(S) J.B. McFarland,
(S) Meryl McFarland,


Pamela Mumford

Testimony of Pamela Mumford

The testimony of Pamela Mumford was taken at 12:30 p.m., on May 19, 1964, at 611 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, Calif., by Mr. Joseph A. Ball, assistant counsel of the President's Commission. .Miss Mumford was accompanied by her attorney, Mr. C. C. Dillavou.

Pamela Mumford, called as a witness herein, having been first duly sworn. was examined and testified as follows:

Mr. Ball.
You received a letter, didn't you, from Mr. Rankin, as counsel for the Commission, advising you that we would request you to give your deposition?
Miss MUMFORD. Yes; that's right.
Mr. Ball.
And you also received a copy of the joint resolution of the Congress. didn't you, authorizing the Commission to proceed to investigate the facts concerning the assassination of President Kennedy?
Miss MUMFORD. Yes.
Mr. Ball.
And you willingly give your deposition today, do you not?
Miss MUMFORD. I do.
Mr. Ball.
To tell us all the facts that you might know to assist us in this investigation?
Miss MUMFORD. Right.
Mr. Ball.
Your name is Pamela Mumford?
Miss MUMFORD Right.
Mr. Ball.
Where do you live?
Miss MUMFORD. 153 North New Hampshire Avenue, Los Angeles 4.
Mr. Ball.
What is your occupation?
Miss MUMFORD. Secretary.
Mr. Ball.
A legal secretary?
Miss MUMFORD Legal secretary.
Mr. Ball.
And you work for the firm of Dillavou & Cox, do you?
Miss MUMFORD. Right.
Mr. Ball.
That is in a building at 6th and Grand, Los Angeles, Calif.?
Miss MUMFORD. Right.
Mr. Ball.
Now, because of the fact that you will not appear before the Commission, and the members of the Commission will have to read this deposition, they would like to know something about you: Where you were born, your education. So, just go ahead and tell me all you can about yourself.
Miss MUMFORD. Well, I was born in the Fiji Islands in 1941, and my father was transferred to Australia in 1951. I was brought up and went to school in Australia until 1961.
And then I traveled to England, where I worked for a period of a year. I went to Europe and then I obtained a working visa to come to the United States.
I worked in New York for 8 months and then my friend and I traveled through the United States and Mexico on our way to Los Angeles where we intended to remain.
Mr. Ball.
Now, what was your friend's name?
Miss MUMFORD. Patricia Winston.
Mr. Ball.
And she left Australia with you, did she?
Miss MUMFORD. She left with me, yes. We had been traveling together for 2 years. And she also made -the journey through the States and through Mexico with me. That takes us up to Los Angeles.
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