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(Affidavit of Farrell Dobbs)

John F. Kennedy, held at New York, N.Y., on April 17, 1964, and find it accurate with the exception of the corrections noted and initialled by me on pages 1, 6, & 7.
2. I have read the original of a letter dated November 5. 1962, to Mr. Lee H. Oswald from Farrell Dobbs, and have initialled it so that it may be substituted as R. Watts Exhibit 11 for the typewritten copy shown me on April 17. 1964.* I have no doubt that it is a letter I wrote and the signature is mine.
3. I have initialled the original of a letter dated December 9, 1962. to Mr. Lee H. Oswald, signed "Bob Chester," so that it may be substituted as R. Watts Exhibit 12 for the typewritten copy shown me on April 17, 1964.
4. As requested on pages 19-20, I have made a further search of our files for the letter and reproductions from Lee H. Oswald referred to in the Bob Chester letter but have found no record of them. Further, I have discussed this matter with Mr. Chester and he advises me that he has had a vague recollection that the reproductions were of headlines from the Militant but has no further recollection of any correspondence with Lee H. Oswald.
5. As requested on page 21, I have made a further search for a copy of R. Watts Exhibit 13 and for the letter and clipping referred to in it as from Lee H. Oswald but have been unable to find any such material in our files.
6. As requested in J. Lee Rankin's letter to Mr. Rowland Watts dated May 20. 1964, I have made inquiry of the Young Socialist Alliance and am advised that its files have been searched and that its representatives have found no record that Lee H. Oswald's name was ever referred to it, nor does it have any record of ever having had anything in its files from, to, or concerning Lee H. Oswald.
7. In pursuance of the information supplied in Mr. Rankin's letter to Mr. Watts dated May 20, 1964, I have made inquiry of The Militant and have had its files further searched. There is no photograph of Lee Harvey Oswald, with or without a rifle, in its files (other than a clipping from the daily press after he was taken into custody). I am confident no photograph of him was ever received .prior to President Kennedy's assassination.
8. To the best of my knowledge and belief, I have submitted to you all of the material in the files of the Socialist Workers Party, The Militant, and Pioneer Publishers, concerning Lee Harvey Oswald, and I have no further material or information concerning him.
Signed the 4th day of June 1964.
(S) Farrell Dobbs,


Virginia Gray

Affidavit of Virginia Gray

The following affidavit was executed by Virginia Gray on May 28. 1964.

County of Durham, ss:

Virginia Gray, being duly sworn says:
1. My name is Virginia Gray. I am the Assistant Curator of Manuscripts of the Duke University Library, Durham, North Carolina, (the Library) and the person most familiar with the records of the Socialist Party of America which are now in the possession of the Library.
2. The records of the Library reflect that it purchased the original official records of the Socialist Party of America covering the period from 1900 to 1938 from Leon Kramer, a New York dealer in Leftist literature. Since the time of that original purchase the Library has become the unofficial repository for files of the Socialist Party of America and periodically acquires the inactive records of that organization.
*Since all of the Rowland Watts Exhibits have been redesignated as Farrell Dobbs Exhibits, R. Watts Exhibits Nos. 11, 12, and 13 referred to in the above affidavit have been marked Farrell Dobbs Exhibits Nos. 11, 12, and 13, respectively.

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