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(Testimony of Dr. Homer Wood)

Dr. WOOD Yes

Mr. Liebeler.
Was that the only time that you went to the rifle range during November?
Dr. WOOD. That is correct.
Mr. Liebeler.
What time of day did you go out there?
Dr. WOOD. I was listening to the Southwest Conference football game. My boy kept asking me to "Hurry, daddy, I want to go to try my scope out on my gun," and I listened to half of the game. I presume when we got out there it was around 3 o'clock in the afternoon. At the rifle range, I am not definite, but it was between 3 and 5. We left before 5.
Mr. Liebeler.
Left the range before 5?
Dr. WOOD. Yes, sir.
Mr. Liebeler.
Did you get an opportunity to finish listening to the game?
Dr. WOOD. No; we didn't hear any more of the game.
Mr. Liebeler.
Tell us what happened after you arrived at the range?
Dr. WOOD. Well, the range was pretty busy because it was Just before deer season and most of the fellows out there was sighting in their scope, and we waited a short while to get a place for my boy to sit down to sight in his scope. Then when he did--now do you want me to start here with Oswald?
Mr. Liebeler.
I want you tell me Just what happened.
Dr. WOOD. Okay. My boy was shooting his rifle, and there was a fellow sitting to his right. I thought it was an offbrand gun. It wasn't shooting like the other rifles there. When he would fire the rifle,. at the end of the barrel there would be a ball of fire coming out at the end of the barrel, and that is what attracted my attention to this fellow.
When I said to my son, I said, "Son, be careful, I am afraid that gun is going to blow up." And I was kind of laughing and joking around-with the other fellow that was waiting in--waiting to sight in their scope and I would hand him cotton and I would say, "Get ready, this fellow is getting ready to shoot this 105 howitzer." And I said to my son, step back, or lean over, or be careful, and he said, "Daddy, that is all right, it is an Italian carbine."
So they fired several rounds, and after they would fire three or four rounds, then the keeper out there would say let's go look at our targets, and we would go down and I would look at my boy's target and he wasn't doing so good, but the second round we went down there and we noticed this fellow's target to our right, and my boy made a statement, "Daddy, this fellow is not having much trouble." So I did notice his target, and most of his shots was within the target, but there were a few that was outside the target, from an inch to 2 inches outside of it.
Mr. Liebeler.
Outside the bulls-eye?
Dr. WOOD. Bulls-eye. And that is as far as---do you want me to get into the Oswald deal now, or you just want me to go on and tell what he did, or are you going to ask me some questions?
Mr. Liebeler.
I want to ask you first of all, did you talk to this fellow at all?
Dr. WOOD. I didn't say a word to him, but my son did.
Mr. Liebeler.
Did your son tell you at that time what he had said to the fellow?
Dr. WOOD. He didn't tell me at that time, no, sir. He told me later on.
Mr. Liebeler.
He told you after the assassination, is that correct?
Dr. WOOD. Yes; after the assassination he told me that. Yes, sir; that is true.
Mr. Liebeler.
He told you what he said to the fellow after the assassination. Now you mentioned previously that when you warned your son to be careful of that rifle because of your fear that it would blow up and that your son had told you, don't worry, it is an Italian carbine, is that correct?
Dr. WOOD. Well----
Mr. Liebeler.
And that is substantially what he had mentioned to you at the range that it was Italian?
Dr. WOOD. Yes.
Mr. Liebeler.
Do you know whether or not your Son spoke to this man before he told you it was an Italian carbine, or not?
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