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Dear Readers,

This section is closed, no more entries can be submitted. It seems to be impossible to establish a serious and neutral discussion, without any assaults, harrasments, blames etc. Interesting enough, 99 percentages of those disturbances were caused by defenders of the Lone Assassin Theory. I am tired of editing and filtering blames and accusations after 15 years.

Sorry for this. Keep asking questions! One day, they will be heard...


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On 10-Dec-2009, Ralph Schuster wrote:

For those of you that want to know what kind of emails I have to filter every is one of it (names blanked out):

    I've attempted to post on this nutty site as "XXX", as "XXX", as "XXX", and as others (they were all me by the way) and it was impossible to get through the Berlin Wall of censorship. It is just as well that you close down this one-sided conspiracy advertisement board. There are plenty of sites that DO afford open and uncensored debate and I will simply spend my time there. However, I don't know what that lunatic XXX and the sadly deluded XXX will now do with no where to champion their nutty theories. But in closing let me point out one more time the weakensses of your claims and beliefs:

    1. The conspiracy nuts don't have a murder weapon they can produce.

    2. The conspiracy nuts don't have a single bullet or fragment they can produce.

    3. Respected photographic experts ALL agree that the Zapruder film is genuine with NO evidence of tampering or alteration.

    4. Respected photographic experts ALL agree that the backyard photographs are genuine with no evidence of alteration of tampering. Besides, Marina still maintains to this day that she took the photographs.

    5. No evidence has ever been produced of any frontal shot, none.

    6. No conspiracy nut has ever produced a scenerio of their imagined assassination plot that agrees with the evidence available.

    7. No conspiracy plot can sufficiently explain Oswald behavior following the assassination. Not one.

    So Ralph, keep harping on your stupid theories. Keep digging for non-existent evidence of a conspiracy. Keep distorting the evidence contained in the WC and the HSCA but sadly it will continue to lead you no where. If you need me check at where I will destroying conspiracy theories there just like I did on your site. Happy hunting. Let me know when you and your bunch of nuts find the real assassins.

Please do not feed this troll by answering to his claims. He isn't even brave enough to use his real name. Thanks!

On 09-Dec-2009, Jon wrote:


Sorry to hear that you are giving up. I understand the frustration of having to be the parent. It is sad that some people who can't get their way resort to verbal abuse to try and convince someone that they are the only correct voice. I hope that I have kept my input to the neutral space.

This is for the critics of the Zapruder film.

Mary Mooreman stated that she was "in the street, nearly touching the limo". If she had been she would have been run over by police motorcycles. She is also seen in more than one film, and photos, as being on the grass.

How many films and photographs were doctored to place her on the grass rather than in the street?

As much as I am a believer in more then one gunman some of the wilder conspiracy theories seem to stretch things a bit farther than I can believe.

On 08-Dec-2009, Jon wrote:

I have now found out that JFK was to be at the luncheon at noon. This means that IF Oswald was the assassin he needed to be in the 6th floor window by 11:45 at the latest. Yet Oswald was seen by witnesses on several different lower floors at various times between 11:30 - 12:20. It makes absolutely no sense to be walking around the lower floors of the TSBD building if you are planning to shoot at the motorcade at same time.

ANYONE with minimal training in firearms knows you need to be calm when shooting for accuracy. A last minute rush up to the 6th floor would not make you calm.

On 08-Dec-2009, Jon wrote:

I just watched the whole video of Unsolved History: Beyond the Magic Bullet.

1)If you watch the films they use for reference you can see that Connelly was somewhat lower then JFK and he was turned side ways at one point which could have lined up the shot.

2)Again looking at the multiple films used by this group it is obvious that due to Connelly's height the two men are nearly level.

3)The audio was not debunked by Dale Myers. He proved that Officer McClean was not the source of the audio tape. The WC arbitrarily chose McClean. The tape is genuine. The analysis is genuine. McClean is not the source. Some other Motor Officer is the source.

4)The presentation repeats over and over that Oswald shot Kennedy. There is no hard evidence placing Oswald in the 6th floor window pulling the trigger. It must be true if repeated often enough.

Oswald is still the ALLEGED assassin.

5)The Unsolved History: Inside the Target Car proved to me that "Badgeman" missed. If he had hit JFK he would have produced a large hole in the left side of JFK's head, and probably killed Jackie.

6)They ignored the autopsy report by the Presidents personal physician and placed the back wound higher than the third thoracic vertebra. For their proof to work the back wound must be higher at the base of the neck.

7)Has ANYONE ever seen a bullet that SHATTERED a rib and wrist bone not be extremely deformed? The show explains away their more deformed bullet as having hit two ribs. Yet the Magic Bullet hit a rib and wrist. Two bones. What's the difference? Show states the Magic Bullet must have hit only glancing blows to the bones to have come out "pristine". Rib and wrist are described repeatedly as SHATTERED by WC reports.

8) The test dummies are placed at a 6" - 8" height difference. All the films they used show MAYBE 2" - 3" height difference. The test dummies are offset by another 6" - 8" difference. Again the films they used show MAYBE 2" - 3" difference.

9)The shows bullet trajectory (that "nearly" duplicates the Magic Bullet), as indicated by a flashing red line, hits the JFK dummy at the WC back wound location, exits at the sternum level, hits the Connelly dummy at "approximately" the correct spot, exits at "approximately" the correct spot, does not shatter the wrist or penetrate the thigh.

YET THIS TEST SHOT PROVES OSWALD FIRED THE MAGIC BULLET! Can we see that again???? Sorry, don't see any proof here.

A professional marksman, using a similar weapon, a modern high powered scope, with the weapon strapped to the railing, firing at stationary targets. This does not PROVE Oswald fired the shot. Nor does it prove any other assassin fired the shot.

One point; the ammunition found in Oswalds rifle is described repeatedly as low velocity ammunition. Can anyone give me the site this information comes from?

I know I'm sort of beating a dead horse here, but this type of PROOF, shown on TV by the History Channel, just keeps the lies and cover ups going. Show someone actually duplicating the shots from the 6th floor window at a moving target.

I'll try and get on a different subject.

On 07-Dec-2009, Jon wrote:

Have not heard from anyone about the actual VS the planned timing of the motorcade.

I did some research and found that the Motorcade left Love field at 11:50. I also read that JFK stopped the motorcade twice to greet spectators. The Limo turned onto Houston at 12:29.

I'm betting that is anywhere from 10 - 20 minutes behind schedule.

Any assassin worth the title would have been in the 6th floor window at 12:05 at the latest. Why? Because the original timing of the motorcade would put JFK in Dealey Plaza at 12:15. An assassin would want to be in place, calm, and set to fire. Not rushing up from the 2nd floor just before the motorcade entered Dealey Plaza.

Even an inept Oswald would have been in the window way early so he wouldn't miss his chance.

So why was Oswald seen on the 2nd floor at 12:20? The motorcade should have already been by the TSBD building by that time. If he was going to shoot the President he should have been on the 6th floor15 - 20 minutes earlier.

Anybody out there have some timing information for me??

On 07-Dec-2009, Linda wrote:


It is my understanding that the motorcade was running one half hour late. This is based on the time that JFK was supposed to arrive at the Dallas Trade Mart for the luncheon and speech he was to give there at noon.

On 06-Dec-2009, Jon wrote:

Something occurred to me in the last couple of days. Maybe some of the more "up to date" folks can help.

We're looking at an assassin that needs to be in the 6th floor window of the TSBD to shoot JFK on Nov 22, 1963. JFK will be in a motorcade originating at Love Field and terminating at a meeting where JFK is to give a speech. In order to be where he needs to be in time to shoot JFK this assassin would need to know the timing of the motorcade. So some where between 12 noon and 1pm the motorcade should be traveling through Dealey Plaza.

It seems common knowledge that the motorcade was "late" because JFK took time to greet people at Love Field and again along the route.

Does anyone have the time line of when the Motorcade was supposed to be at certain positions and then what would be considered "late".

If Oswald was the knowledgeable Assassin the WC said he was, he should have been on the 6th floor set to shoot well before the JFK motorcade was scheduled to arrive. Yet we have witnesses seeing him on the 2nd floor at 12:20.

By my rather loose estimation (not having any solid times), if the motorcade had been on time, JFK would already have passed at 12:20. Oswald should have been on the 6th floor at 12:05 at the latest.

Can anyone help with the timing information? Thanks.

On 04-Dec-2009, Jon wrote:


Specifically look at the clip of the SS Stand down at Love field. The shoulder of JFK and Connelly are at the same height. A bullet would have to have a nearly flat horizontal trajectory to exit JFK's throat and hit Connelly's armpit. There is absolutely no way for the bullet to enter the back at the third thoracic level, travel upward to exit the neck then travel downward to hit the armpit. JFK would have to be bent double with his head against the seat in front of him to even come close. Where's that film sequence??

On 04-Dec-2009, Jon wrote:

I can't let this go. RE: the Beyond The Magic Bullet

1) The ballistic dummies were set with the JFK dummy too high. The rear seat of the limo was not raised. If you review the film evidence you can see the two men are nearly at the same level.

2) The show flashes a red line across the screen to show the trajectory. Give me a break!! The bullet enters high in the shoulder of the JFK torso. Exits at sternum level and enters the Connelly dummy at the kidney level. The trajectory is no where near exiting the neck.

3) An expert marksman with all the time in the world, shooting a stationary target, with the weapon strapped to the scaffold.

I agree that this video is proof. Proof that the single bullet theory is false!

I have to get to work. Before you fire back, Alan, take a day and review what is available on the internet.

On 04-Dec-2009, Jon wrote:


When I have more time in the next couple of days I will respond point by point.

In the mean time, do a search for JFK Assassination and follow any and all links. There are multiple sites, with multiple findings, from expert witnesses, using scientific methods,..... Take the time to review these sites. Are all findings that counter the WC wrong??

We have photographic evidence of a head wound at the rear of the skull from Parkland yet the autopsy photos show no wound. Which is right??

Gerald Ford. A member of the Warren Commission. Admitted that he had the position of the back wound moved to the neck for the official findings.

There is evidence that the WC changed the timing of Tippets murder to five more time for Oswald to have walked from his boarding house to the scene.

Since you seem to like to point out that witnesses change their testimony.... I will point out that the witnesses to the Tippet shooting had several different descriptions of the shooter, they saw 1 or 2 men, they saw 1 or 2 different directions of travel, NONE of the witnesses gave a description that fit Oswald as he was captured.

More later

On 03-Dec-2009, Ralph wrote:


you state "that all WC hearing sessions were held in public". To my knowledge this is wrong. Most of the hearings were held closed. The fact alone that the commission went "off the record" hundreds of times proves it as there is no other document from a "public" viewer describing what had happened. Sylvia Meagher's "After the Fact" cited multiple testimonies where the witness either claimed something different than before or the crucial point of the witness' testimony was suddenly dropped after those "records off".


On 03-Dec-2009, Linda wrote:

Any television shows produced in this country by any major media outlet on the assassination or any other controversial event should be taken with a grain of salt.

A prime example of this is the interview done in 1969 between Johnny Carson and Jim Garrison during the Clay Shaw trial. This was parodied briefly in the movie JFK.

If you listen to the actual audio of the interview, Carson is much more rude and downright condescending to Garrison.

A written memo prior to that interview was found from Walter Sheridan, then President of NBC to Carson says to "tear down" Garrison, in other words completely trash him when he appears on the show which is exactly what happened.

One has to wonder why an NBC executive would feel the need to deliberately berate a noted District Attorney. There can be only one reason, pressure from the outside.

Another example of this is the History Channel, I am on their email list. I received an email before they aired a special on the United Flight 93 "crash" in Shanksville PA. It described the crash scene as "acres of woods on fire" after the crash. This is nothing but propaganda and I called their hand on it. There was not even a single tree on fire after that crash, there was nothing but smoke, ashes, and a crater in the ground that had been there previously in a 1994 US Geological Survey photo.

As I have said before, the media is lockstep with the government in assisting its coverups.

We would never have even seen the Zapruder film or known of its contents if it had not been for Garrison's trial in 1969. He forced the government to turn it over as evidence in the trial.

On 03-Dec-2009, jon wrote:


"no such bullet was ever entered into evidence"

This statement does not prove the bullet did not exist. Just as the amount of bullets and fragments found in the Limo and extracted from JFK and Connelly doesn't add up. More lead than bullets fired according to the WC findings.

The point is there is photographic evidence of a "bullet" in the grass and a series of photographs showing a man pocketing something he picked up from the grass. Taken with the other fabrications and manipulations of the WC to make the "evidence" fit what they wanted to "prove", why isn't the guy identified and where is the object he picked up? Why didn't the Dallas PD investigate this? Why didn't the FBI or SS investigate this?

He isn't identified and whatever he picked up isn't "in evidence" because it would muddy the waters of the WC conclusions.

When Gerald Ford admitted to "modifying" the evidence, EVERYTHING the WC published is open to doubt.

On 03-Dec-2009, Jon wrote:


I didn't have a lot of time this morning to respond about the Unsolved History: Beyond the Magic Bullet clip.

Let me try this again.

Put a Marine qualified sniper in the 6th floor window. Give him a Manlicher Carcano rifle in the same condition as the one recovered from the DSBD on 6/22/63, with the same scope. Give him the same Carcano ammunition. Place the window and boxes in the same position as the whole 6th floor looked that day. Have him come up from the 2nd floor 5 minutes before he is to shoot, and make his way through the maze of boxes to the "nest".

Put a ballistic dummy in the rear seat of the Presidential Limo (or nearest replica). The dummy should be at the same height and position as JFK that day. Have the Limo proceed down Elm at the speed of that day, in the same lane. (Protect the driver with a steel plate because Gary Mack proved that the head shot from the rear would have killed the driver)

Now duplicate the three shots. I would prefer the 1-pause-2/3 sequence since that seems to be what most witnesses heard, but I don't think the three shots will be made, let alone actually hit the dummy.

Every "PROOF" I've seen so far has been someone standing on a range just firing the rifle (most not Carcano's) and expert marksmen using modern scopes and rifles firing at a static target.

This does not duplicate that day and does mot PROVE anything.

On 03-Dec-2009, Jon wrote:

I just re-read the Jane Wester testimony to Mr. Specter.

JFK was shot after 12:30. Jane's testimony said she relieved someone for lunch at about noon. There was no commotion or crazyness or confusion at Parkland until after JFK was shot and the motorcade was on the way to Emergency, around 12:40.

She was coherent enough to know that the call she received was from Pathology and was prompted by someone claiming to be SS, so why would it be assumed that she was confused by more than 30 minutes about the time of the call?

I think people are nit picking about things to discredit the true meaning of this testimony. Even Specter glosses over the main point. The phone call asking if the President had arrived yet was 20-30 minutes before he was shot.

Since the motorcade was running behind, the time line would seem to fit.

So how could someone know JFK was coming to Emergency before he was shot?????

On 03-Dec-2009, Alan S. wrote:

Jon wrote: "There is quite a bit of witness testimony placing Oswald on other floors prior to and after the shooting that would make placing him on the 6th floor, calmly assassinating the President unlikely."

Alan: Please provide this eyewitness testimony so that I can read it myself. I will respond point by point to the testimonial evidence you provide. My thirty-five years of research has revealed that NO credible evidence places Oswald anywhere at the time of the assassination nor shortly thereafter, but perhaps you have read some testimony that I have missed.

Jon wrote: "You have tried repeatedly to convince me that I should blindly believe the WC and House Committee "evidence" when it has been shown that the WC fabricated and twisted evidence to suit it's preconceived conclusion."

Alan: When was this proven? I would like to read which evidence was twisted and fabricated. Please keep in mind that all WC hearing sessions were held in public, with witnesses there. Also keep in mind that ALL Warren Commission witnesses signed their testimony after reading. It is tough for me to believe a witness who years later comes out of the woodwork and claims they were misquoted in their Warren Commission testimony when they read every word contained in their interrogation and signed it as being accurate at the time.

Jon wrote: There is also quite a lot of scientific evidence that the documents, photos, and xrays the House Committee used were altered, throwing doubt on their conclusions."

Alan: Please provide names of those experts who reached this conclusion and I will read what they had to say about falsified documents, x-rays, and photographs. I can safely assume who these "experts" are but perhaps you know of some of which I am unaware. I would like to review their findings.

Jon wrote: "Should any and all testimony that contradicts the WC & House Committee be ignored, and labeled false?"

Alan: Not at all. But any and all testimony that doesn't agree with the forensic evidence known to exist SHOULD be ignored and labedl as false. For instance, if we have a body found with three knife wounds in the chest and no other marks of any kind on the body and later a witness comes out of the woodwork that claims they heard the victim murdered with a gun, then with no corroborating evidence of ANY guns being fired we are forced to dismiss that testimony as either being mistaken, blatantly false, or the product of a nut. Police have to dismiss faulty testimony ALL the time. Testimony is only to be believed when higher-level evidence supports it--such as wounds, DNA, blood type, photographs, x-rays, bullets, rifles, markings on bullets, etc...

On 03-Dec-2009, Alan S. wrote:

Jon, You must certainly have a different copy of "Beyond the Magic Bullet" than I do because none of your claims are reflected in the video. The bullet entered exactly at the point the bullet entered Kennedy's back according to Kennedy's clothing and exited from Kennedy's throat then entering Connally's back virtually Connally WAS wounded and then passed through his body striking some of the bones planted in the gel mold and after finding the bullet in the bushes (after some searching) the bullet appeared to be in nearly the same condition that CE 399 was in.

Now, of course I will agree that the wounds were not 100% exactly the same as both men suffered, to duplicate a complicated wound perfectly is unrealistic, and even if it were duplicated exactly die-hard conspiracy believers would still find fault. But for me, this was the best recreation of the shooting done to date (please keep in mind that no conspiracy investigator has set up as detailed a test to prove THEIR point, for the simple reason that they are fearful it will end up proving their position is wrong.)

Now for the point of this post. You have been very active ASKING questions but you haven't had the chance to provide answers. I would like to see your evidence supporting your answers to the following five questions:

1. There is no serious doubt that Oswald brought a large package to work with him (although there is some discrepancy as to its size). I would like to hear what evidence you can produce to support the claim that it was something other than his rifle? The evidence it was his rifle is pretty strong, do you have any evidence it contained something else?

2. You seem to believe that shots were fired from several directions in addition to the TSBD. Do you have any medical or forensic evidence to support the claim(s) that Kennedy was struck by bullets from different directions?

3. It appears that you are convinced a shot was fired (and struck) Kennedy from the right front. If this is true, can you explain why there was absolutely NO damage to the left rear portion of the President's head and why NO metallic fragments appear in that area of the President's head in any of the x-rays taken that night in Maryland?

4. You seem to doubt that Oswald was the gunman firing from the SE corner window. What evidence do you have (forensic evidence) that it was someone else firing a rifle from the SE corner window?

5. Oswald's behavior after the assassination seems to me to literally DRIP guilt. He flees the TSBD within two minutes (and he is the ONLY employee to leave and never return for the day,) he races seven blocks to where he catches the very bus destined to make its regularly scheduled stop across the street from the TSBD, he asks his cab driver to drop him off four blocks PAST his boarding house for some reason and then he walks back to 1026 North Beckly, he then entered his boarding room and changed his clothing in mid-day and picked up his revolver, then he was witnessed by several people shooting and killing Officer Tippit, then after sneaking into a movie theater he resists arrest and attempts to murder ANOTHER police officer (Nick McDonald) when he was finally apprehended. How do YOU explain this trail of blood assuming Oswald was innocent of any wrong doing?

After reading of your evidence I will be better able to understand you doubts as to Oswald's guilt. These five questions are only a handful of question that need explanations. Be aware that any answers that don't have evidence supporting them will be pointed out as pure speculation rather than established fact.

On 02-Dec-2009, Jon wrote:


I've reviewed the Unsolved History: Beyond the Magic Bullet several times. The staged "proof" actually disproves the magic bullet. The marksman hits the JFK dummy at a higher location than where the autopsy photos places the back wound (third thoracic vertebra). The bullet then exits the JFK dummy at the sternum level in the chest and hits the Connelly dummy at about kidney level and bounces off the "thigh" substitute material. Hardly proof of the single bullet theory.

Also, the marksman, although using a Carcano rifle, has a better scope attached to a weapon in much better condition than the one recovered at the DSBD. Also note that the barrel of the marksman's weapon is strapped to the railing.

"The American Assassins" is not available on line that I have been able to find. I will continue looking.

I will also keep looking for the other Unsolved History show on line.

I will also look for the information on Oswalds shooting expertise. The items I've read from Marine sources so far place him at barely passable with a rifle.


On 02-Dec-2009, Jon wrote:


Is there a way to contact contributors directly from this site?

I would like to contact Linda off site.



Answer: Of course, please use the "Contact" link above and send your email along. I will pass it on to Linda.

On 02-Dec-2009, Jon wrote:


I will review your links.

I have reviewed many sites claiming to duplicate the feat the Oswald supposedly accomplished.

There is quite a bit of witness testimony placing Oswald on other floors prior to and after the shooting that would make placing him on the 6th floor, calmly assassinating the President unlikely. Again, as Gary Mack keeps quoting, "no hard evidence" places Oswald in the "snipers nest" at 12:30.

You have tried repeatedly to convince me that I should blindly believe the WC and House Committee "evidence" when it has been shown that the WC fabricated and twisted evidence to suit it's preconceived conclusion. There is also quite a lot of scientific evidence that the documents, photos, and xrays the House Committee used were altered, throwing doubt on their conclusions.

Should any and all testimony that contradicts the WC & House Committee be ignored, and labeled false?


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